March 5, 2016


Feature Packed. Cross-platform. Easy to use.

The ETKApp App platform includes amazing app features with incredible user interface that allow for the most enjoyable interactive experience your church has ever known.  Give your congregants something to be proud about with your very own custom church app with ETKApps!

  • Locations: Any church member or new person can phone, email or get turn-by-turn location directions.
  • Ministries: List your ministries
  • Podcast: Users can play your sermon podcasts, minimize and multitask while the audio continues to play in the background. Brilliant.
  • Events: We provide innovative solutions for your church’s events. Amazing!
  • Video Feed: Create a YouTube or Vimeo channel, upload videos and instantly you’re ready to stream your latest visual content in your church app.
  • Social Feed: Filter and stream your church’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds all in one place. No extra uploads. It just works.
  • Push Notifications: Instant messages are sent to church members and saved in the Notification Center.
  • Blog: Church members can stay up to date with the latest sermon notes, devotions or Senior Pastor’s newsletter.
  • Pray Request: Users will be able to send prayer request directly to your email.
  • Livestream: Add the LiveStream URL to your app.
  • Giving: Easiest way for your church members to give and tithe. It’s as easy as one, two, three clicks.
  • And much more.